Marty Kennedy

Our amazing service writer has been advising customers for 6 years, saving thousands of customers millions of dollars. Marty is the keystone to the operations at Baltimore Bimmer as he manages the workflow through the business, keeps an eye on the productivity of the shop and makes sure the right parts get into the correct cars. Marty’s managerial skills are out of this world and he brings a special type of enthusiasm that is rarely found in the automotive field.

A native of New York City, and a Giants fan, there is never a dull moment during football season, especially when the Giants are playing the Ravens. Marty is married to his wife Meghan and has three beautiful daughters, Mara, Leah and Kira.

If you need any service advise, you will feel confident that Marty’s suggestions will lead you to the most economical decisions possible. He has an amazing knack for saving customers money and getting them on the road fast.

Give Marty a call today and he’ll have you back in love with your car in no time. 410-866-5440