Maintaining The Feeling Of The Ultimate Driving Machine 

When was the last time you felt “caught up” with life?

Fact: Life Is Busy.
When you bought your BMW, whether it was used or brand new, there was a reason. The BMW brand sparked something within you. Every individual has a specific experience of being transported by the Ultimate Driving Machine. Driving your BMW should provide you with an experience unlike any other vehicle. The BMW grips the road and connects the surface of the earth to your soul. That experience provides you with a feeling and if your experience is like mine, then simply put, that feeling of stepping harder on the accelerator connects the neurons of your leg and foot muscles directly to the neurons of the smile muscles in your face. ” The right foot is definitely connected to a smile.” Here at Baltimore Bimmer, that experience is what we aspire to maintain in our customers when they drive.

Sometimes Murphy’s Law Strikes.
While you’re enjoying the euphoria of owning the road, listening to the crispness of the premium sound system in your perfectly tuned German machine, the check engine light illuminates and the engine seems to not feel just right. The imaginary thoughts flood the mind of breaking down, being stuck on the side of the road, waiting for a tow truck, the call from the shop saying there is major problems and the repair bill being outrageous. You just went from 100 to 0 in 4 seconds flat.

The good news is this scenario simply just played itself out in your imagination. You know that you’re a customer of Baltimore Bimmer and you feel refreshed even if there is a problem because unlike other shops you’ve been to, you know in the depth of your heart that one shop actually has YOUR best interests at heart.  Much like your experiences in day to day life, the scenarios play out over and over with infinite angles and possibilities. Our minds are rife with constant worry and constant thoughts about the probabilities of what is coming in the near and/or distant future. Doesn’t it feel good to have the confidence that if anything ever goes wrong with your BMW, you have a safe haven?

Common Issues We Are Seeing
We are seeing numerous customers cars coming in with N52 and N54 engines that have quite a bit of sludge in them due to a lack of timely oil changes. This sludge builds up and causes clogging especially to the variable timing system, Specifically, the solenoids and we see problems with the eccentric shaft sensor, intake, exhaust camshaft sensors as well as crankshaft sensors. We are also having a surge of starters and batteries which is odd for this time of year.
We have also seen a dramatic increase of major engine problems as far as loss of compression in cylinders. One of these is likely to be an injector issue causing the piston to melt from lack of fuel in a turbocharged application.

Although BMW recommends you change your oil at intervals of 15000 miles, We strongly recommend that if your vehicle is built after 2006, you reconsider this recommendation and make it a habit of changing that oil every 7500 miles at a minimum. Here in the local Baltimore area, as the population grows, traffic becomes more dense, causing more instances of stop and go traffic. This stop and go traffic increases the demand on your cooling system and your engines lubrication system. Over time, this harsh environment causes breakdown of these critical fluids and then the engine starts to wear. When that happens, then you can start to re-imagine the scenario above.
Our Mission
The team here at Baltimore Bimmer is dedicated to keeping these instances of breakdowns to a minimum. We make it a point to thorough look over your vehicle at 6 month intervals. We perform our 32 point inspections to provide you with a proverbial “crystal ball” so you’re not too surprised by a potential breakdown situation. Marty is well versed in creating estimates that can be prioritized and optimized to fit the constrains of your budget. If you haven’t had your Free 32 Point Inspection in the last 6 months, Now would be a good time to click the button above and schedule that.
We also have our Bosch Financing whereas we can approve customers who may not have the money right now, and would like to pay over time. When your purchase is $299 or more, you may qualify for up to $3000 and you’ll have 6 months at no interest. That’s right, 6 months, same as cash.
So if you haven’t seen us in a while, now might be a good time to schedule an appointment. We’re always eager to answer any questions you may have. Also, keep in mind, we will beat any other shops written quote by 10% and the dealer by 20%. We appreciate your business and your loyalty.
We sincerely appreciate referrals so if you know of someone in need of our services, please make sure they have your name so we can credit your account. We credit customers $50.00 towards any future service because we appreciate your efforts in helping us expand our business.

As always, if there is anything we can do for you to make your life a little less hectic than it is, please let us know.

Thank you so much for giving our lives purpose,
The Team at Baltimore Bimmer.