Engine Repairs



When it comes to engine repairs, especially on BMWs, there is no better choice then coming to Baltimore Bimmer. We take our engine repairs very seriously. Our technicians are trained to carefully and meticulously disassemble and reassemble your engine with the utmost emphasis on quality and longevity. It is our goal to make your BMW last you well into the future by educating you on the common failures that we see and advising you on a proper maintenance plan to maintain your vehicle to the highest standards. We understand that you purchased and own a precision machine and it is our duty to make sure that that machine performs to the highest standard for the duration of your ownership and beyond.

Although it is impossible to see and know everything that could be possibly wrong with your engine, we do have a complete understanding of how your engine should operate and the proper actions you need to take during your tenure of vehicle ownership. We also take appropriate steps to fully inspect your vehicle before performing any repairs. This way we mitigate any surprises to the best of our ability.
When choosing a technician to perform engine repairs on your vehicle you need to carefully decide who performs the repairs and you need to have the confidence that it will be done correctly. Here at Baltimore Bimmer you can rest assured that we are the best choice to repair your engine. Not only do we have the experience, tools and passion, we have the enthusiasm and motivation to do the job right and we back that up with our Bosch Nationwide Warranty. Our technicians love what they do and the entire team here at Baltimore Bimmer appreciate your trust and your business.

We’ll keep you on the road to the best of our ability. Guaranteed.