Here at Baltimore Bimmer, we don’t just repair your BMW, We PAMPER your BMW.

We aren’t your average repair shop. Every employee absolutely loves the BMW brand, regardless of how they can be extremely difficult to repair and maintain at times. You just can’t get that driving feeling from any other manufacturer.

Serving Baltimore, Towson, Parkville, Bel Air, Aberdeen, Edgewood, Rosedale, White Marsh, Perry Hall and Surrounding Areas, Baltimore Bimmer is your local BMW specialists and dealer certified technicians. We charge substantially less then the dealerships and provide our customers with a repair shop they not only trust, but actually enjoy coming to see. Check out how we employ our tablet technology.

Coming to Baltimore Bimmer is a different experience from the dealership. At least that’s what we gather from the many customers who have come to us. We try our best to accommodate our customers by trying to see things from the point of the customer. You need an expert you can trust, and not get raked over the coals in the process.

We’ll explain in detail what is wrong with your car(to the best of our ability) and give you a comprehensive plan to get you back on track with your maintenance. If you require repairs, we will perform those repairs with absolute precision. Having experience on working on Military fighter jets, you learn something. Planes can’t just pull over at 10,000 feet. your work must be by the book and flawless. When you have that mentality, mistakes can still happen, but not as often as it does when amateurs work on your $50,000-100,000 vehicle.

If we change any leaking gaskets we will de-grease the engine after the work is completed to make it look like it never leaked. We will then perform a test drive to verify the repair. Once that is done, the car is washed(weather permitting) and vacuumed. It is then returned to you better than it was when you brought it in. Guaranteed! We ask that if you have availability to return for a “two week post op” appointment, please make one. We like to make sure that the gaskets all seat properly and that all leaks are indeed gone.¬†

We don’t stop at leaks. We also perform these services:

  • Brake repairs
  • Transmission rebuilds and replacements
  • Engine repairs
  • Cooling system repairs and pressure testing
  • Mufflers and exhaust
  • Shocks and suspension
  • Clutches and drive train
  • Expert installation on new and used engines
  • Third party towing service

We are ASE and BMW Certified computerized engine specialists! Let us handle all of your BMW auto repairs!

Contact Baltimore Bimmer today at 410-866-5440 for all of your Baltimore, MD BMW auto repair service needs.

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