Baltimore Bimmer is now MOBILE!


A lot of our customers are just too busy to take the day off to take care of service work. Please don’t allow things like those annoying lights to linger until the engine or transmission suffers. We’ve seen a lot of customers wait to the extent that a $400-$500 repair turn into a $3000-$5000 repair simply because they couldn’t find time to bring their vehicle in. The worst part is that most of these repairs could have been performed in a timely fashion, saving the owner thousands.

The idea hit me a couple of weeks ago about having a mobile diagnostic platform that would allow me to go out on the road (“get out of the boring office”) and roll my sleeves up once again. Plus, I see it as a huge benefit to my customers. How many of you would love for me to come to you?

Now there will be many instances where you will still need to come to the shop for needed repairs, but if I can provide you with an even GREATER level of convenience, then that will make our customers happier then ever! Right? You Bet!

The mobile diagnostic platform is basically to help stranded drivers and provide an alternative to a tow truck. We will have some simple hand tools, gasoline and a jump start box, as well as a BMW Scan tool to check those codes. In the event you still need a tow, we can arrange that for you while we’re there.

For all of you members that are part of the Baltimore Bimmer Budget Savings Plan, this service comes as a part of your plan at no extra charge for Silver and Gold Members. Just call me and I’ll be there. If you’re not a member yet, you should sign up. Extended warranty companies are making it even harder to recoup the money you spend with them claiming wear and tear. With our plan, there is no expiration and you ALWAYS get you’re money’s worth. It’s transferable, i.e you can use it on ANY OF YOUR CARS and, you also get CASH BACK if you don’t use the plan. Imagine you’re BMW needs work, but you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket. No deductibles. You’re service is already paid for.

Remember if you’re broken down, or you have a light on but can’t seem to get out of work to get here, call us anyway and we’ll do our best to come to you. Give us a call. 410-866-5440.

Even if you don’t need this service, please consider sharing this service with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. You never know when a friend could use a helping hand. Thanks in advance for your help sharing our business.

*Certain diagnostic charges apply. Call Marty for details.