Service lights aren’t there to annoy you, they are a way for your vehicle to tell you what it needs. If left unattended, these simple, inexpensive services can grow into monumental expenditures. That’s why Baltimore Bimmer makes it mandatory to thoroughly inspect your vehicle when you come in for service. You are entitled to one free 32 point inspection upon initially becoming a Baltimore Bimmer customer¬†and every 6 months after that. The dealer usually charges 150-240 dollars for this inspection, also known as a “Vehicle Check”. We perform this service absolutely free when you have any service performed. The 32 point inspection (now the 37 since we added a few more inspection points) was modeled off of the vehicle check so there’s nothing we miss compared to what BMW requires the dealer to check.

Service lights can be confusing
When your vehicle shows you the car up on a lift symbol (post 2002 754Li/i vehicles, 2004 5 series and 2006 3 series) this indicates you are due for some service. If you see a triangle with a red background, it means you are OVERDUE for some service or there is something that needs to be looked at immediately.¬†Now this shouldn’t be confused with the orange or yellow triangle. They just indicate that you have a check control message. It could be a door open, the trunk, or a light out. It could be a lot of things but most importantly, your vehicle is trying to tell you something.

Feel free to call us and we can try to decipher it over the phone but by far, the easiest way to determine what it is, is to swing by. By far the most important thing you should get from this message is the fact that IF THE LIGHT IS RED, STOP IMMEDIATELY. If you think you can make it 5 more miles, you may, but it is NOT WORTH THE RISK! I have seen numerous cars need thousands of dollars worth of work that could have been only a couple of hundred if they would have just pulled over and called a tow truck. PLEASE, Please Please, don’t drive your BMW with a red warning light on.

Need Tires?
This month we are also running a special on tires. We recently put tires on a customers car after he called us from Mr. Tire. We blew their prices out of the water and saved that customer about 175 dollars. Just a reminder, If you need tires, please shop us. We love saving our customers as much as possible when we can and tires is definitely a way we can do that for you.

I also wanted to take a second and thank you all for being such awesome customers. Thanks to you all we have work to do everyday and we can feed and raise our families. Without you none of us would get to do something we truly love to do.

Thanks so much,

Josh Johnson