5 Great Reasons to Detail Your Car

Whether you’re selling or keeping your car, a clean car gives you a feeling of freshness. Sometimes we neglect the thing we spend so much time in. One thing is for certain, detailing your vehicle is just as important as changing the oil or the spark plugs. Although it takes a bit of time and effort, if you’re not able to do this yourself, we can do it for you.

Paint Protection.

The most important aspect of detailing your car is the paint protection. I’m sure you’ve seen cars on the road with faded, possibly cracking or peeling paint. The sun destroys the paint as the UV rays work daily to reduce your paint’s clear coat to dust. You can prevent this by properly caring for your paint by using a clay bar to remove impurities and then polishing or waxing your vehicle. There are many new, amazing products that we use that outperform most products that are available to the public.

Salt and road dirt.

Here on the east coast we have a problem with salt and road dirt that accumulate in wheel wells and areas of the car that are difficult to see or reach. If dirt or salt accumulates and is mixed with rain water corrosion begins and eats right through the vehicles paint and undercoating protection. In most cases, the only fix for that is sheet metal repair which is very expensive.

Improved Visibility

One of the areas of detailing is headlight restoration. Restoring headlights to like new condition gives it that new car look and in the event that you’re looking to sell the car, know that clear headlights increase the value of the vehicle sometimes as much as $1000.00! Now that’s a return on investment. It is also important that you are able to see and if you need a state inspection fogged headlights will fail that inspection and will have to be restored to like new clarity.

Interior Condition

Have you ever sat in a smelly car? It’s like not showering for a few days. Who wants to get ready for work, feeling all fresh and new after your morning shower and get into a car that smells like mildew and old French fries? Frankly it’s embarrassing. But don’t fret, we understand that life has priorities. Some customers actually have said that they are too embarrassed to bring their cars in for needed service because of the physical condition of their car. Like the doctor you see who you can trust because you know he has seen it all, believe us, we’ve seen it all too. Don’t be embarrassed. Let us help you out. It’s our JOB!! We actually like to see the recreation of what your car used to be like and most important is the smile of satisfaction on your face when you come to pick up your car and you get in and are completely elated.


How many times have you been driving in the direct sun or late at night and the glare on your front windshield is so bad you actually try to use the windshield washer and wipers only to discover that the fog is on the inside and it’s not moisture. That film is skin cells, your breath and the pollution in the air. If you smoke in your car it’s probably 10 times worse. When the car is detailed, your vision increases and in my personal opinion, this makes the car feel extremely clean.


If your car or truck needs a little extra TLC you can click on the link and make an appointment. We’ll have our certified detail specialist give you a quote on your detail and make your car feel new again!